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Please visit us at Handmade, quality, organic soaps. We use all natural organic plant sources for our soaps. No animal products, no chemicals, no artificial detergents. All of our herbs are grown locally here in Bartlett, TN. Bartlett Soap Company...Take the monotony out of bathing! Our natural soaps are handmade here in Bartlett, TN using the same process our ancestors have used for centuries. We start our process with the highest quality organic plant based oils. We use only organic, sustainable sources for our base oils. The oils are combined with sodium hydroxide, which is needed to turn the oils into soap through a process known as saponification. After the oils are thoroughly mixed, we then add essential oils and natural colorants to produce a beautiful soap mixture. This is poured into molds to form the soap bars. The molds are covered and insulated for approximately 24 hours to harden before removing the soap. When we remover the soap from the molds, it it then cut into individual bars. Now the soap must sit, unbothered for 4 to 6 weeks. This allows excess water to evaporate and leaves you with a harder, longer lasting bar of soap. We do allow all of our soaps to harden for the full 6 weeks, ensuring the highest quality soap possible. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist